The videos below seamlessly blend the past and present, as Author Hart takes us from the Manhattan of the 1950s to Moscow and Odessa circa 1800s. She imaginatively renders the lives of her grandparents and great grandparents, and then takes us into the twenty-first century. She invites readers into her world, sharing  her magical and unsettling early childhood by the sea, years spent as the only Jewish girl in a Presbyterian boarding school & so much more.

Author Hart Remembers her Mother


Join Stephanie as she stands in front of a thrift shop on Madison Avenue - a street her

mother loved  and where her mother designed a variety of beautiful dresses. She communicates the strong sense of self her mother taught her along with the common conflicts shared between mothers and daughters.

Author Hart Shares her Version of Historic Book


Journey with Stephanie as she share moments she felt alive while attending a boarding school in Northern New Jersey. She fondly recalls her Christian teacher who taught her the importance of being a Jew, remembering the time she gave a young Stephanie the best-selling book, The Diary of Anne Frank. 


Creative Author Hart decided to change the ending of this historic book- WATCH THIS VIDEO and learn what her powerful version would be.  

Author Hart Remembers her Father


Stephanie takes you with her to Tomita Farm in Hokkaido, Japan.  She reminisces about her father as she approaches a field of lavender, recalling his love for flowers and happier days dancing together on the lawn back home in New Jersey. After her parents divorced, they were not as close but these early memories reconnected her with her father again.   


Tranquil Moments in Hokkaido, Japan

Journey with Author Hart to Hokkaido, Japan as she shares the theme of her book, Mirror Mirror. One of her collection of stories, Eternal Now, describes how time stopped, allowing her to fuse with the moment. Stephanie believes her enjoyment of beauty saved her her from painful situations throughout her life.

A City of Many Contrasts

Join Stephanie in Sapporo, the capital city of Hokkaido, Japan. She illuminates our vision with sky scrapers, fish markets and food markets, observing families walking hand in hand together. The atmosphere reminds Author Hart of her family and invites you to think of your own family, your roots, your origins and your love.

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