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3 Reasons Why a Beginner Should Start Reading Short Stories

Are you an aspiring writer who wants to become a published author one day? Do you dream about holding a book signing event where you and your fans can gush over the fictional characters you wrote about?

If you’re eager to get started on your journey to becoming a writer, here are 3 reasons why you may find it easier to begin with short stories instead of novels:

1. Length of the story

Any work of fiction within the 20,000- and 49,999-word range is considered a novella, but upon hitting the 50,000-word mark and crossing the 200-page limit, it’s considered a novel.

On the other hand, short stories generally lie between the 1,000-to-20,000-word range and guarantee the pleasure of having finished a story.

The thicker the book, the more chances are that the reader may get overwhelmed and quit reading altogether. For this reason, it’s preferred that new writers start with short stories to learn the art of weaving the plot just right and then gradually move onto novellas and novels.


The three-act structure divides a fictional story into three parts: setup, confrontation, and resolution. Novels usually follow a full three or five-act structure, giving them the freedom to include chapters even on secondary characters of the story.

On the other hand, short stories don’t follow this model for narrative fiction; they rarely contain any significant subplots. Writers writing short stories don’t have the luxury to include backstories; their focus is a single act or plotline, much like short films.

Short stories being more cinematic than novels give readers the opportunity to let their imagination run wild after just 15 minutes of reading. Also, it offers a convenient way for newbies to try out new genres to see what they like best.

Number of characters

Ever found yourself complaining that the film didn’t do justice to the book? Novels contain a list of characters that are often difficult to capture in a film adaptation because lists of backstory and subplots are dropped, and characters are combined into one.

On the other hand, short stories primarily focus on a single character but having a couple more supporting characters is no crime either; it’ll only aid the lead character’s storyline. For this reason, they’re under less pressure when it comes to finalizing the plot of the story.

A short story’s concept can easily be used as a launching pad for beginners in the screenwriting field too.

Author Stephanie Hart has preferred to write short stories over the years for the same reason.

Her latest release is a book called ‘Mirror Mirror’ that’s a collection of memoirs and stories. She pens down different aspects and memories of her traumatic childhood and the psychological process she had to undergo to heal herself. The book is now available online on Amazon and in stores at Barnes & Noble; get your copy today!

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