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3 Tips to Help You Master the Art of Descriptive Writing

For most people, writing is an art. Authors are able to create such vivid and striking worlds for their readers with nothing but words. Readers are not only able to visualize the characters, but it is as if we are able to feel their thoughts, emotions, and feelings through the pages of a book.

A well-crafted descriptive story is able to draw readers in and captures their attention to the point that they don’t want to put the book down. If you also want to be able to write like a seasoned author, then there are some ways you can achieve that. Let’s look at some tips that can help you in your journey to master descriptive writing.

Use Point of View

Instead of writing from a third-person perspective, follow your character around and write as if everything is happening from the character's point of view. This can not only help create depth in your story but also a sense of reality and subtle believability. Describe how the characters experience different moments and their thoughts and feelings about other characters. This is a fantastic way to bring your characters to life.

Write Detailed Descriptions

You want the readers to create a bond with your characters, and to do that they should be able to visualize the characters in their minds. The descriptions of our characters shouldn't be vague—flesh them out so your characters are three-dimensional. Think about what color their hair might be and what skin tone they might have. You have to give your character personality by mentioning quirks, their body language, and their mannerisms.

The Pace of the Story Must Be Organic

Detailed descriptions tend to slow down a piece of writing and most people find that boring. Instead of writing long monotonous passages of description, try adding bits of description in between different high-intensity scenes.

Read Author Stephanie Hart’s Moving Books

The best way to learn how to write is by reading books by seasoned authors such as author Stephanie Hart. Her work includes short memoirs, short stories, novels, and essays. She even includes moments from her own life in her stories so that they resonate with readers.

To find out more about her, visit her website.

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