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3 Ways to Preserve Memories of and for Your Children

Becoming a parent for the first time is such an all-encompassing feeling that most people become overwhelmed by all the emotions. Before you even know it, they have grown up, moved out or gone to college—the years seem like a blur.

Raising children to become good human beings and moral, upstanding citizens while trying to provide for them can be challenging. There’s no telling you how to raise children perfectly or one that can prepare you for what’s to come. You have to believe in yourself and do your best.

The one thing you should make sure of, though, is to preserve memories before they become distant. Make sure you have a collection of nostalgic reminders that you can pass on to your children and they can pass on to theirs. Remember, you have to enjoy the time you have with your children so you can create positive memories for them.

Maintain a log of things your children say

Sometimes, your children will say things that will be accidentally profound and may blow your mind. Write those things down in a journal. In addition, keep the little things that are unique to them, such as what they call certain objects.

What you collect doesn’t have to be elaborate, but rather sweet reminders of what your children loved and who they were at that time.

Make digital copies of everything

Whether you are taking pictures to create a scrapbook or collecting your child’s achievements such as artwork, crafts or writing, make sure to digitalize a pictorial record of everything you have saved. You won’t regret having a backup copy; you won’t have to worry about all you’ve collected being lost, destroyed or worn down.

Don’t throw important things away

Holding on to your child’s favorite lovey, first baby clothes, or even their favorite toy is one of the best ways of preserving memories for you, your children, and grandchildren Your children will be moved at the sentiment and it will remind them how loved they were and are, and the gesture will encourage them to make loving memories as well.

Author Stephanie Hart’s moving book, Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories is an excellent example of how you can preserve memories of your children and for them. Grab your copy from Barnes & Noble or Amazon today!

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