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Book Marketing Tips for Success

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Write well this holiday season and share your work. Guest BLOGGER Lori Armstrong will share her valuable book marketing tips for success. You will be amazed at what you learn.

With the holidays upon us and another year coming to a close, it is always wise to reevaluate your direction.

Book marketing strategies are changing all the time – some of your book marketing habits may have been productive for you this year, while other strategies have not. Now would be a good time to reflect – what worked for you and what did not?

Once you have reviewed the pros and cons of your past book marketing, consider the following tips. I want to help bring you success with your book promotion journey…


Spend your time wisely. Your time spent on social media should be 10% -20% and no more.

With the booming growth of social media and the widespread success of social media marketing, there has been a slight shift. Instead of promoting your book(s) on up to five social media channels (as was once recommended), maximize one to two channels on social media and work strong.

Provide open communication through engaging posts. Offer something to your followers that will keep them wanting to come back. Be consistent – post at least three times per week and keep you material unique – research, research, research.


If you are an author with an unfinished book, now would be the perfect time to promote your book. The earlier you start your book promotion, the more people you will reach, which leads to an increase in book sales.

Start your book marketing campaign at least four months before your book will be released.


If you are looking to grow your following and online presence as a published author, do not settle with one book.

While writing a book and having that book published is a great start in order to grow your audience, continue to write more content – more ideas, more marketing, more fan-based support and communication. Your audience will want to follow you and your next project. Be consistent with reaching out and reaching back.


Be smart about your book pricing. With thousands of authors competing and trying to sell their books, be mindful not to price your book too high. This is especially true for e-books. Hundreds of e-books are offered for free for a limited time and some remain free for weeks. The reason - many dedicated readers will leave reviews and usually support authors that price their books for free.

Competitively price your books so readers will buy. Research the market and promotion deals through Amazon and book promotion sites. You will increase your following and sales.


Author videos used to be a successful book marketing suggestion but now it is a mandatory promotional tool.

Book trailers, authors thanking their supporters, inside scoop of an author’s daily habits on a personal level can all benefit an author’s platform. The consistent posting of videos have been proven to help an author grow their audience.

Don’t overthink it – keep it simple and start small. The more you post videos, the more comfortable you will become with your new marketing tool.


If you post your book on Amazon, several platforms work together, such as an e-book, color paperback, black & white paperback and audio. All of these versions work together for you along with special book promotions, review forums and more.

Some e-book promotions are only offered to e-book authors, while paperbacks have their own promotions to choose from. It is advised to eventually have all versions – this way you will reach more readers as readers have a preferred version favored by them.


There are many different ways to build your fan base.

It is important to consistently be in touch with your followers – either through special offers that bring them to your website, newsletters that are read by your most loyal fan base, engaging survey posts, gift cards for those that sign up to your email list and more.

Offer your fans a sneak peek of your book. Many authors post their book chapter by chapter, which has been known to attract movie producers if your timing is right.

I hope these book marketing tips will help you get started with your book promotion direction. Stay tuned for more tools as I will update over the next few months.

For my fellow authors and readers, I wish you blessings for a year filled with a successful direction.

You can contact Guest BLOGGER, Author Lori Armstrong, via email @ contact@authorloriarmstrong.com and follow her on Instagram @loriwrites1

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