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Different Types of Mother-Daughter Relationships

A child’s relationship with her parents serves as the foundation for her emotional development. A solid maternal bond can be a great source of strength and inspiration for a woman. Understanding and analyzing this relationship can clarify many aspects of your personality. Here are the six different types of relationships a mother can establish with her daughter and their effects on the daughter’s life.

1. The Equals

Many mothers behave like sisters to evade the emotional responsibilities of motherhood. There is a lack of authority and guidance from these ‘sisterly mothers’ that can negatively affect a child's development.

2. The Friends

Mothers who act as friends for their daughters can establish trust and confidence in their relationships. Daughters feel content and emotionally fulfilled when their mother is their best friend and unconditional supporter.

3. The Strangers

An estranged mother makes no effort to build an affectionate bond with her daughter. The daughter feels entirely detached from this type of mother and seeks maternal figures elsewhere. It may leave the daughter feeling isolated from her family and result in emotional issues later in life.

4. The Narcissist

A narcissistic mother wishes to maintain the image of a “perfect mother” to outsiders but does not cultivate a healthy relationship with her daughter. These mothers prioritize themselves over their daughter’s needs and disrupt their emotional well-being.

5. The Complainer

Excessive complaining can develop toxicity within a mother-daughter relationship. A complaining mother never notices her daughter's achievements and always focuses on her flaws and shortcomings. Daughters of such dismissive mothers suffer from self-esteem issues and lack a sense of self-belief in their abilities.

6. The Dictator

An authoritative mother robs her daughter of any autonomy in her life and weakens her decision-making capabilities. These mothers can often withhold affection to control their daughters even past adulthood. The daughters of these mothers can struggle to maintain healthy romantic relationships and may act out in rebellion.

Author Stephanie Hart talks about the significance of a healthy maternal bond in her short stories and memoirs. Her moving words in ‘Good Mother Bad Mother’ has given many mothers a chance to re-think their parenting techniques and play a positive role in their daughter’s lives.

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