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E-books: Are They Just as Great?

Did you know that the first eBook in the world was published in 1971 by Michael S. Hart? They’ve come a long way since, but it’s safe to say that Amazon’s Kindle leads the way among many.

Despite this, print books are more common among the lot. In 2019, print books generated $22.6 billion in revenue compared to the $2.04 billion of eBooks.

Let’s decide once and for all—are paperbacks better than e-books, or is it the other way around?

5 reasons print books are better than eBooks

1. Paper feels

The feeling of holding the book, running your fingers through its pages, smelling the paper, and appreciating the binding is a sentiment that digital devices lack.

Additionally, paper books give you the chance to skim through the story much quicker than an eBook reader ever could.

Often, people use books for interior decorations to enhance the curb appeal of their homes.

2. Sharing is caring

It’s possible to share a printed book with your friends or family and pass it on for generations to continue the legacy. But the trouble with paid eBooks is that they’re only accessible via one account.

Wanting to share an eBook will result in you sharing your account credentials, which could be misused at some point.

3. The artwork

While eBooks only support black and white images, print books can display images and illustrations better in this context.

This makes print books the first choice for books that frequently refer to pictures, such as books regarding photography or cooking.

4. Flexible annotating

Adding notes, comments, and drawing shapes at the very corner of the page with colored pencils and pens is a common practice of many readers. It gives them a feeling of having personalized the book for themselves or those they intend to pass it on to.

This feature is available in eBooks as well but is somewhat limited to highlighting lines, bookmarking pages, and adding notes.

5. Cheaper than eBooks

If you don’t read as often, you’ll find that print books are more economical. Also, because print books don’t require charging, you’ll be saving electricity.

5 reasons eBooks are better than print books

1. Ease of reading

The one-hand experience is personalized for eBooks; you can read in any posture, at any angle, and regardless of the lighting options because the inbuilt light of the reader will allow you to read in the darkest of hours without any eyestrain.

2. Accessibility

An eBook reader can carry thousands of digital copies of books yet remains as light as a feature. Print books are heavy and take up a lot of room in the storage.

Best of all, eBooks never go out of stock. You search the title, purchase the digital copy, download the version and get on with reading without having to wait for delivery.

3. Cost-effectiveness

The investment in an eBook reader may look pricey at first, but it’s a one-time investment. It’s incredibly cost-effective for you if you purchase books regularly.

4. Inbuilt dictionaries

There are 273,000 words stated in the Oxford dictionary, so it’s okay for you to want to keep a dictionary nearby when reading. With a print book, you’ll probably have to reach out for your mobile phone to look up the word on Google, but the inbuilt feature in eBooks makes the task a whole lot easier with just one tap.

So, do you prefer reading an eBook or a physical print book? Author Stephanie Hart’s books exist as both physical and electronic books. She writes young adult fiction novels as well as short stories.

In her latest short memoir, Mirror Mirror, she pens down a collection of short stories regarding her traumatic childhood experiences living in a broken family. It’s now available for purchase online via Amazon and in stores at Barnes & Noble; get your copy today!

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