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Everything You Need To Know About Creative Non-Fiction

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

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Creative non-fiction is a non-fiction subgenre that makes use of writing techniques that are closely associated with fiction. This style of writing has a story-centric and engaging format that puts more emphasis on the narrative rather than simply listing facts. Hence why, creative non-fiction is markedly different from other types of writing styles that are usually associated with this non-fiction genre, such as academic papers or books.

Characteristics on creative non-fiction

Creative non-fiction is generally regarded as a piece of non-fiction material with higher engagement. Here are some of the main characteristics of this subgenre:

Emphasis on the narrative

Readers can respond to the story as compared to the bare facts in creative non-fiction. The lack of overly technical terms makes it easier for readers to learn about exciting breakthroughs in the world and understand topics on a conceptual level without having to have previous knowledge about scientific terms and their relationships with each other.

Firsthand accounts

Creative non-fiction incorporates firsthand accounts from characters in the real world who have an emotional investment in the story’s outcome. Readers find it more interesting to learn through characters who have actually been part of the story. These points of view can be collected through interviews or primary source documents pertaining to the appropriate time period.

Discusses the author’s own connection with the subject matter

If the author of a creative non-fiction book has lived through the events that they’ve discussed in their story or have been impacted by it in some form, it adds a certain emotional depth.

The content of the story needs to be based on absolute facts without any embellishments, which could decrease its veracity. Factual exaggerations or inaccuracies can undermine a non-fiction book—it needs to be grounded in reality.

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