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How Stories Are Told Around The World

Storytelling is an ancient practice that’s been with us since the beginning of time. Before publisher sprinted best-selling books, our forefathers would share fables and fairy tales through oral storytelling. These stories were enchanting, and came in the form of sonnets, prayers, myths and legends.

Mankind has found unique traditions of oral storytelling in every part of the world. It’s an innate characteristic that humans have taken with them to every part of the world. Here are some interesting storytelling practices from around the globe.


For many cultures, stories are a conversation, so they may not show up in the traditional style we’ve familiarized ourselves with. In the Middle East, particularly Lebanon, stories take the form of battles!

Zajal is a form of a poetic duel, where two opponents face off and have a conversation through sonnets. It is an interesting cross between a rap battle and a poetry slam.

It's usually a competition between two artists, who, through their use of poetry, challenge or sometimes even insult one another. It's usually a very friendly affair and is encouraged among younger people.


You might be used to wearing your cozy pajamas and getting into bed to hear a story. However, in many parts of India, stories are told through elaborate costumes and cultural dances.

Bharatnatyam is a form of ritualistic dance that is closely tied to religion. Indian temple dancers, also known as devadasis, dance in full traditional attire.

It is considered to be a form of prayer and tells the story of various deities such as Shiva and Krishna.Bharatnatyam is also one of the oldest forms of classical dance in India.


Hula dancing is often associated with Hawaii, but did you know that the dance is not just to a rhythm but also a particular language?

Hula is a form of Polynesian dance that is accompanied by a chant that tells a story. Without the chants, the dance loses its meaning. The stories told through the dance are of the gods and goddesses of the island and traditional mythology and fables.

It's always important to explore stories, whether in a familiarized setting or a completely new one. Sometimes, exploring new and exciting themes can also transport you to an unfamiliar place.

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