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Improve Your Memory by Reading More

We all know that reading offers benefits, but we still have a hard time doing that. Why make the effort to read Pride and Prejudice when you can see Colin Firth change over the course of two hours from a screwup to someone perfect for Elizabeth Bennett? Why should any of us bother reading the newspaper, when we can simply log onto our social media apps first thing in the morning to get the headlines? Well, there are a lot of advantages to reading according to scientific research.

Reading can help you sharpen your memory, improve your concentration, and even reduce stress. These stimulating activities can help you fight off the cognitive decline that comes with old age. Let us make a case for reading books.

Exercise Your Brain

Reading is a workout for your brain. According to neurobiological research, reading requires a lot of brainpower to process images and analyze the text in the books. Even as you read this article, multiple parts of your brain are working hard to see the text, analyze the speech, and process the meaning of the words.

When you read a simple sentence, your brain has to infer a lot of information to make it make sense. Not only are you focused, but your intelligence is also brought to the front. When you read a passage, your brain makes an effort to imagine what you are reading as well.

When you read a book, you have a lot of time to think, even though you may be a fast reader. When you read, you have the time to process all of the words on the page. This is very different from the movies where you aren't given a chance to pause the movie and analyze the information you are receiving through the visuals.

Benefits of the Exercise

All of this exercise is necessary to keep you mentally sharp. The constant brain activity that you get from reading keeps your brain young and agile and pushes away signs of aging.

When we advise reading as part of your day, we don’t mean that you should cancel your Netflix subscription or throw out all your DVDs. You’re simply being advised to add reading to your daily routine and start reading more. Instead of falling asleep to another run of your favorite show, maybe you can read a few pages from the book that is gathering dust?

Such small changes to your routine can help enrich your life. Reading will help you sleep better as well. My recently published memoir, Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories by Author Stephanie Hart contains fast-paced pieces that you can read before your bedtime. Please leave behind any reviews or comments that you may have.

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