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Improving Your Mother-Daughter Relationship

Like all other relationships, mother-daughter relationships, too, can be presumed diverse and complex. More often than not,daughters tend to complain that their mothers are highly critical, demanding, and guilty of authoritarian parenting. On the other hand, from a mother's perspective, daughters tend to deny them their time, make poor choices, and never seem to listen to anything they have to say.

Regardless of how critical the situation may be, fortunately, there's always room for improvement. Read on if you wish to enhance the connection and communication in your mother-daughter relationship:

Make the First Move

Waiting on the other person to make the first move will never relieve you from the feeling of being stuck in the relationship. So if you want to see some changes around yourself, think about how far you are willing to go for this relationship and make amendments to your responses and reactions accordingly. Chances are the other person will reciprocate your actions, but if they don't, use forgiveness as a key to your well-being or agree to disagree with each other's opinions.


Having idealistic expectations about any relationship is the same as heading straight for doom's day. From an early age, kids are found setting up an unrealistic belief that their mothers will always be present for nurturing. In case there has been any damage, aim to repair the damage quickly by resolving the conflict to sustain a healthy relationship and avoid any surprising consequences.


Lack of communication is an actual barrier that disrupts the mother-daughter relationship. Humans aren't mind readers; thus, it's critical to be calm yet clear about how you're feeling. The idea is to speak your mind in a gentle yet heartfelt manner. Make use of the 'I' statements rather than being facetious or sarcastic.

Moreover, it would help if you also practiced being an active listener to reflect on what the other person has to say. While addressing concerns, be empathetic while trying to offer a compromise. It's recommended to stick to the present rather than bringing up old gripes of the past.

Set Boundaries

A mother-daughter relationship may turn out to be unhealthy or toxic, but that bond still retains its full power. To ease into reconnecting with your mother or daughter, set healthy, clear-cut boundaries. This will help you find and build your voice and identity within the relationship. Lastly, avoid bringing in a third party into any ongoing conflicts.

Stephanie Hart is a book author who pens down moments of her life in her collection of memories and stories, Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories. An excerpt from the book reveals that she charts her psychological process of overcoming an abusive childhood. She shared a tense mother-daughter relationship, where her needs were often denied. Order your copy online today from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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