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Why Are Book Reviews Beneficial to Readers & Authors?

Learn the many reasons why book reviews are key to the success of your book. Guest BLOGGER Lori Armstrong shares some of the reasons why.

Book reviews may be short or long, sensible or filled with nonsense – but it is a guaranteed fact that your book reviews are a sense of literary criticism. Whether you book reviews are written by book readers or professional book reviewers - these forms of literary criticism are more important than you think.

It can be surprising to an author to read such a variety of different book review opinions. You may even wonder – are they reading the same book? The more reviews an author has on their platform(s), publishing site or bookstore will allow a better opportunity for understanding the quality balance of your masterpiece.

Here are more specific reasons as to why you absolutely must request reviews from your readers:


The more reviews a book receives, the more a book becomes known and familiar. When a book has reviews, it not only opens more conversation about the content of the book, but it also helps people decide if this book is a good match for them. Many times readers will recommend a book to a friend or family member because they learned more about the memoir or novel through the book’s reviews. #Passiton

If you receive good reviews, die hard readers will surely follow through and read your book. If you receive negative remarks regarding your beloved masterpiece, inquisitive readers may purchase your book out of pure curiosity and all of your reviews will offer the opportunity to spread the good word – and the visibility will be evident.


Books with several reviews will draw more attention. Why? Because a well- reviewed book is a popular book. Social proof provides a spark of interest as to why a book, new fad jeans, new craze or anything of that nature is widely followed. We just can’t help ourselves. Where society gathers, the common reaction is to investigate or follow the lead.

This can be a good thing for an author who seeks reviews and requests opinions of their book. Whether you are at the grocery store, a family gathering, or delving into the broad social network we call the internet, reach out and request those reviews. You will be happy you did.

Reviews will validate your book and increase your sales!


The more reviews you have, the better chance your book has of being found. Not only will avid readers gravitate toward you, but even bookstores, blogging communities, book clubs and yes, even movie producers.

I know of a fellow author who wrote a fictional novel about space. He had a rather high following on social media before he completed his novel and decided to add one chapter from his novel every month.

His reviews grew as readers anticipated the next chapter to be published to his website – every month – the excitement increased, his social media following increased and his reviews increased.

The monumental amount of reviews and following caught the attention of several science fiction readers. He posted his novel on Amazon and it topped Amazon’s bestselling list of science fiction.

Yes, the floodgates opened and even more people downloaded his 99-cent Amazon version than they did the free version he had previously listed on his website.

The massive amount of reviews and following caught the attention of a book agent, which led to a movie producer - landing him a six digit figure for his book, which later became a move on the big screen.

This is how the movie, The Martian, came to be.

Book reviews are more important thank you think.

Next month we will discuss, “Why Social Media is Beneficial to Your Book Sales." You may be pleasantly surprised.

You can contact Guest BLOGGER, Author Lori Armstrong, via email @ contact@authorloriarmstrong.com and follow her on Instagram @loriwrites1

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