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Parenting Mistakes That Deter Children’s Emotional Growth

Parents can make the most significant impact on their child’s emotional growth and development. A child’s psyche is highly sensitive to their parent’s behavior and may impact their decision-making capabilities well into adulthood.

Every parent wishes to make a positive contribution to their children’s development, but many end up making mistakes. Recognizing these mistakes is the first step towards reparation. Here are the details about some common parenting mistakes and ways to rectify them.


A child perceives their parents as dependable figures. Being inconsistent in your actions or words may confuse your child, and they may grow up to become indecisive. These children also often struggle with trust issues in adulthood.

Displaying Violence

When a parent resorts to violence in any situation, it leaves a life-long impact on their children’s minds. Children learn most from their parents. In a home where parents take to violence, children cannot learn to resolve conflict in a healthy way.

Repeating Mistakes

As children grow, parents start to realize their emotional needs better. After a certain age, a parent can differentiate between effective and ineffective parenting strategies. Parents who keep trying ineffective techniques despite the failure may induce stubbornness and rebellion in their children. Author Stephanie Hart describes many parenting traits in her memoirs and stories that can help parents adopt better habits.

Negative Reinforcement

Negative reinforcement has been proven as an ineffective parenting tool in many pieces of research. A child who is afraid of punishment can never meet their potential. While it is essential to teach your children to be accountable for their actions, it is just as significant to balance it with positive reinforcement. Limit the punishment for your child’s “bad” behavior, and reward them for good habits more often.

Avoiding Apology

Whether it is the child's emotions or the parent’s, they need to be expressed in a healthy manner. When you commit a mistake that affects your family, you should apologize to your child and the other parent. This habit will help your child process emotions better.

Stephanie Hart is a well-recognized author whose thought-provoking literary work has been published in various anthologies and literary magazines. She shares her wisdom with her readers through inspirational short stories and essays available on her website.

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