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The 101 On Making It Through Family Events

Distressing events can be followed by intense physical and emotional reactions as they possess a potential threat to our well-being and safety.

Even though such events bring family members close, it’s important to remember that not all families process trauma in the same way. Here are a few strategies to resort to in order to make it past traumatic family events:


The loss of a loved one is often traumatizing, especially when you have an emotional attachment to them. When you’re grieving, stay at home and try to stay calm. But when you’re coming out of that grief, get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

If there’s an upcoming event in the near future, don’t skip it; instead, honor the missing person in your own unique way.


Many a time, families tend to label members due to their class, religion, ethnicity, or even sexual orientation. This could cause them to be disrespectful toward you or a loved one.

While it’s certainly important to maintain family relationships, this shouldn’t be done at the cost of plotting hate against one person. It’s a bad idea to leave the doors open for haters to come around; encourage yourself, your spouse, and kids to distance themselves from any such members.

Abuser and abusee

It’s hard to stay in a family where your abuser is allowed to be on the same premises, so you have the right to let your family know that you refuse to be in their presence.

You can also speak to allies in the family on how you can intervene ahead of time. Anyone who has been harmed has a legitimate reason for their discomfort, and it’s your choice to forgive them or not.

Sometimes things are easier said than done, and so if nothing has helped you so far, you can consider therapy. You can seek help if youcontinuously experience that your symptoms are disrupting or interfering with the events in your life, or you’ve begun to restrict your life because you haven’t been able to process the emotional wound.

Stephanie Hart is an author who writes about emotional wounds and how she was able to heal from their effects in her memoir, Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories by Stephanie Hart. Now available at Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble on-line.

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