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The Know-How of Literary Magazines in This Century

Not all magazines are created equal.

Literary magazines immensely differ from commercial magazines and target a unique audience. Instead of being money-making machines, literary magazines are all about providing exposure for writers and helping them introduce their talent to the world.

Let’s delve deep into the know-how of literary magazines and how they can help highlight a writer’s talent.

What are literary magazines?

Literary magazines aren’t designed to cater to a mainstream audience. However, they are often designed to support new budding writing and artistic talent.

Moreover, literary magazines help provide these new writers with a platform meant to gather an audience.

Since literary magazines promote creative writing and art, they might be funded by the government, or sometimes, by a literary association. However, literary magazines usually make their earnings through their monthly or annual subscriptions. Their profits depend on the number of subscribers that they can gather according to the quality of their content.

Literary magazines and literary journals: How do they differ?

These terms are often used interchangeably. However, a literary magazines often has a glossy format, while a literary journal can be a perfect-bound publication.

Whether you’re using the term literary magazine or literary journal, both bear similar content.

How do you get published in a literary magazine?

Most literary magazines support new writers and urge them to start publishing their fictional stories, poems, and essays. Since most literary magazines are funded by their subscriptions, they’re often unable to pay literary agents.

Do contributors get paid to be published in a literary magazine?

Contributors might not make much money off a literary magazine. However, since the magazine provides them with a platform, it helps these writers and artists gather an audience.

Moreover, many successful writers have been regular contributors to literary magazines and managed to woo the audience with their exceptional writing skills.

Author Stephanie Hart is one such example.

She has made her name in the literary world as an accomplished writer. Stephanie has the prowess to compile her complex thoughts, experiences, and feelings and blend them into words seamlessly.

Her essays have been included in literary magazines such as The Sun, Home Planet News, and Jewish Currents. Her moving books are available on-line at Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobel.

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