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Tips for Writing Young Adult Novels in 2022

According to Publishing Perspective, young adult novels sales have increased by 29 percent in the last year, and the sales are anticipated to grow even faster in 2022. Young adult novels are not only innovative and fun to read, but they're also relatively easier to publish. These novels frequently tend to be adapted into movies and TV shows. With that being said, mastering young adult fiction is not simple. It takes a lot of practice and experience to learn about your audience and write and write a creative and marketable piece. Here are some tips you can use to write a YA fiction novel that will hook your audience and keep them turning the pages until the end:

Point of View

The first step to writing a great YA novel is finding your POV. Not only the speaker but also the time and setting in which your narrator is speaking. A teenage narrator as they speak must be in the present. This requires a lot of effort as the writer needs to put themselves in the mind of a teenager, which is very different from a grown-up's.


Another thing you should ensure is that your protagonist or novel's narrator must suit your target audience's age. YA novels are more likely to be popular if the readers, i.e., teenagers, can relate to the protagonist.

You may write from the perspective of a kid who is a few years older than your readers but not younger. Kids are more likely to read up than down. Therefore, kids from middle school will read about characters in high school but not vice versa. The most important tip is to not write from a perspective of an adult who has grown up and is looking back. This will change the course of the narrative and include an adult's wisdom that your audience may find difficult to resonate with.

Sensitive Subjects

If you're writing a YA novel, don't shy away from sensitive topics. You can write about abuse, homosexuality, racism, eating disorders, or romance. But remember, a good novelist won't find a topic and build a story around it.Rather, they find a unique voice or character and tell their story while incorporating these delicate subjects.

Hopeful Endings

Most YA novelists write about hopeful endings, leaving their audience with a glimmer of hope despite whatever issues or topics they're writing about. YA novels aren't about giving warnings or teaching lessons, but you should make room for possibilities. Make sure your young readers know that they have power and choice in the end.

Author Stephanie Hart

Stephanie Hart has written both fiction and non-fiction pieces. In her coming-of-age work, Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Short Stories, she's related everything from mother-daughter relationships to pivotal memories. It is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also find essays written by Stephanie Hart in literary magazines.

Check out her young adult fiction novel, Is There Any Way Out of Sixth Grade? Read up, and don't forget to leave a review!

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