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Tips to Follow If You Are Having Trouble Starting A New Book

Has your reading hiatus turned out longer than you hoped? Have you been unable to find anything interesting? Or maybe, you have never really been an avid reader before but want to start reading more. Whatever your situation, we may have a solution for you. While many of us may want to read, we may find it tough to begin. Despite knowing the myriad of benefits that reading can provide, the relaxing activity can seem all too daunting sometimes. To help you start your journey into the world of literature, we’ve outlined some useful tips.

Start with what you like

The first step to begin reading is to find a suitable book. And to find the perfect book, you need to decide what genre may be most interesting to you. Mystery novels are for people who like thrills that end with mind-boggling twists. Some may prefer to read drama and engross themselves in a realistic outlook on life. You can delve into period books for a historical perspective or a world of crime by reading thrillers. In other words, there is something for everyone, and there is something out there for you. You need to narrow down your preferences and find a book that can keep you occupied.

Start with shorter books

Many of us may find the thought of larger books to be an arduous task instead of something to look forward to. You can find books that are a collection of short stories. My book Mirror Mirror: A Collection of Memoirs and Stories is one such example. Instead of forcing yourself to read a long book, you can spend a few minutes delving into the stories.

You can also try to read young adult books. YA books are not solely meant for teenagers. The books are fun and silly. They have a broader appeal, are easier to read, and are the perfect place to start your reading voyage.

Download Audiobooks

You may find the idea of listening to a reading an easier task than reading a book yourself. Audiobooks can be listened to while you complete some mundane tasks as well. Whether you're traveling to the office or doing some chores around the house, an audiobook can surely liven up the mundane task. You may even find an audiobook narrated by your favorite actor that can make the experience far more enjoyable.

Make an Effort

As is required with every activity, you need to make an effort with reading as well. You won't magically begin reading more unless you try to. Amid all the entertainment facilities, reading a book can seem slow and boring to us. But, if you take the time to try and settle down in a corner and give the author a chance, you will find yourself enjoying books in no time at all.

My recently published book is a Collection of Memoirs and Stories that focuses on mother-daughter relationships. In it, I have described some critical moments which have helped me learn more about myself and my family. If you too would like to immerse yourself in my story, you can visit my website for further information.

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