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How to Find and Maintain Inspiration for a Promising New Year

Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive New Year - I invite you to follow my guest BLOGGER, Author Lori Armstrong, and learn tools to invigorate your writing process.


Inspiration and creativity are not constant but there are ways we can improve our lack of motivation to strive for a better life.

One of the most important lessons to be learned is that our inspiration cannot be forced – allow creativity to come to you. It seems the more you try to force motivation, the less it will be found.

All you need is some fine-tuning and a new way to train your creative brain.


If you are the typical entrepreneur, there may be an imbalance of your work vs personal life. When creativity is flowing, you may work late long hours, eat what and when it is available and even suffer burnout due to continuing to work under stressful situations. Without thoughtful attention to your mind, body and soul, your work will suffer, too.

Take care of yourself and address your needs at hand. Your inspiration will flow back - along with the drive and determination that guided you to becoming a professional in the first place.


If you work from home, you are fortunate enough to be able to change your work location – maybe be productive on your patio, looking from your kitchen window as the colorful birds fly by or enter a different room filled with plenty of sunlight shining through. You get the idea.

It has been scientifically proven that our physical surroundings have an impact on our thought process. If you work in a cold, dingy basement, lacking pleasant aromas and colorful space, you will most likely lack inspiration.

If you work in an office (away from home) consider asking your supervisor if you can decorate your cubicle – add color, add pictures that bring you comfort – or possibly bring your computer to the local coffee shop and work a couple hours in a new environment for a short while.


When you have that groundbreaking moment of inspiration, write it down.

Write it all down.

Whether your creativity visits you in a dream, good ideas, even bad ideas – all of your strokes of genius should be documented. I have a habit of keeping a notebook on my nightstand and when I wake I write all noteworthy thoughts into my “lightbulb” notebook.

You can always read through your notebook and this will rekindle your creativity! Mirror Mirror was written in stages by Author Stephanie Hart through drafting thoughts and memories.



Trying to find your lost motivation, may be as easy as changing your perspective.

Motivation and inspiration go hand in hand. If you are a writer, visit and join writing forums, such as the experienced contributors on Reddit, Goodreads and Quora. Through sharing your tips and offering solutions, you may connect with others that share your vision and offer their unique direction.


New resources and topics may be just enough for you to gain that different perspective and boost your creative juices.


It is possible that your lack of inspiration may be caused by a deeper issue. Maybe you are not traveling in the direction you are meant to travel.

Take a moment to ask yourself if you are happy in your work, with your life, where you live and all of those important insights that only you can address. You may find a deeper issue may need to be explored. Reevaluate your life and the rest will fall into place.


Let’s say you are a writer and you have been experiencing writer’s block for much longer than your norm. You have tried all of the above – yet, you still lack that spark to write.

Clear your mind and explore your artistic side. Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano, guitar – paint or just get outside and go on a hike. The ideas are endless.

I have no doubt you will regain your inspiration. Maintain your perspective and you will be on your way.

Here’s to a new year filled with hope and inspiration.

You can contact Guest BLOGGER, Author Lori Armstrong, via email @ contact@authorloriarmstrong.com and follow her on Instagram @loriwrites1

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