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Why Should You Cherish Your Warm Childhood Memories

There’s something about reliving golden memories from your childhood that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. They take you right back to a time when you were young and carefree, compelling you to recall your childhood aspirations and dreams. When you think back to your early years, you feel comforted by the memories and often find yourself yearning nostalgically for a time when things seemed simpler and easier.

Of course, your childhood memories are based on the kind of childhood you had. If you didn’t have a great experience growing up, you may not think too fondly of those days. Despite this, you’ll be reminded of a warm memory from that time every now and then. The most mundane things can trigger a cherished memory, even if it has been long forgotten, and have you remembering that moment fondly.

Why is it important to keep these memories safe and cherish them? Let’s take a look.

They Shape Your Life

Irrespective of the kind of childhood you had, it made you who you are today. Maybe your childhood memories of going to the art museum with your parents are what revoked the interest of visiting local art shows, which led to you taking up art as a hobby. Similarly, a tragic episode from your childhood may be what inspired you to do better. For example, maybe you were terrified of being in the pool as a child. This fear stayed with you for a good portion of your life and was eventually what drove you to learn how to swim and overcome your fear.

Childhood memories shape our lives in the subtlest of ways. You may not realize it, but a lot of your childhood memories would’ve contributed to how your life turned out.

They Help in Character Development

Your childhood experiences also help you develop character and become your own person. The things you learn as a child stay with you for long after and have a big impact on you.

Do you have a favorite quote from your grandmother that has stayed with you all these years? Or, maybe you can recall a specific incident in which your dad taught you the importance of telling the truth? In present adversarial moments, you may find yourself recalling these instances from childhood and acting on them.

They Help Determine Values

Finally, childhood memories also shape your values and beliefs. Of course, this is subject to change as you grow older, but for a large part the values you were taught as a child stay with you.

For example, if you were brought up in a religious household, it’s likely that you are or were fairly religious for a considerable amount of time. The kind of lifestyle you led in your childhood shaped your earliest values, many of which you still hold dear today.

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